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The Lucky Bug Lure Company is a small family-run company located in Burnaby, BC. We carefully handcraft each and every Bingo Bug pattern lure…

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The “Bingo Bug” has been known for decades to be one of the best fish slayers on the market. Anglers all over the world insist that this lure is guaranteed to catch fish anywhere – even when they’re not biting other lures or flies. If you haven’t heard of this lure, then you’ve been missing out!

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Some lures may have good visual attraction, but if the fish can’t see it, even the best looking lure won’t be effective. Some lures generate lots of vibration, but if it’s not the right kind of vibration, the fish won’t bother. And if you don’t have random movements, you will not generate a strike reaction and will miss out on most of your opportunities. Only Lucky Bug’s Trimaxx Technology combines all three stages together in our lures.

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