It Bonks

Killing your fish is done in the most humane way with the Kombo Fish Tool. The head of the tool is made of industrial polypropylene and is weighted to pack a quick and painless punch.

It Cleans

With a 420 stainless steel fillet knife, a cleaning spoon attached to the base, and a built in sharpener, the Kombo Fish Tool takes care of the cleaning experience.

It’s Safe

Safety is in so much more than the physical design of the tool. We focused on building safety into how the Kombo Fish Tool is used.

Elements like a release button with two hand extraction keep hands away from the blade. The ‘arms’ that slide down the side of the knife handle assist in keeping it from flying out while bonking. A sharpener keeps the blade razor sharp, which helps avoid slipping and accidental injury. Materials like thermoplastic rubber give excellent grip for swinging and filleting, even in slippery situations.

It Floats

There’s no rescue mission needed with the Kombo Fish Tool! Its innovative design keeps it afloat if it is dropped overboard.

Kombo Fish Tool - specifications

Club it n Clean it! The Kombo Fish Tool takes care of your catch in more ways than you think. The ‘bonker’ is made out of an industrial grade polypropylene with 3 stainless steel weights inside the head.

To release the fillet knife hidden inside, just press the release button with one hand and pull out the knife with the other.

With a high quality 7″ 420 Stainless Steel fillet knife and a handy cleaning spoon on the back of the knife handle, cleaning your fish is a breeze. The built in sharpener keeps it nice and sharp…

And there’s no need to go on a rescue mission if it goes overboard, because this tool floats!

Coming soon!