Blue Speckle Back (Small)

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Finally – Lucky Bug’s exclusive Trimaxx Technology is now available in a plug!

This lure features a revolutionary design that has never been seen in a plug before. The unique front-end and side designs unleash the power of this plug by giving it intense, erratic vibrations and unparalleled three to four-foot darting, lateral movements. The extra-large 3D eyes and ultra-bright finishes allow you to maximize your efforts when you’re casting or trolling these plugs in oceans or lakes. Enjoy targeting Salmon, Trout, Pike, Musky and more with these plugs!

Cast in BPA-free plastic, the Lucky Plug will take a lot of abuse, and keep on fishing!

Feel the erratic darting action as you put this lure through its paces. The new Lucky Plug allows you to achieve actions that have previously been difficult.

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